Ideals, Values and Mission

Our ideals

We believe that new technologies and win-win relationships between individuals and communities can lead to sustainable human growth and an evolution of Collective Intelligence .

Today, as never before, we have tools that can lead us to greater human dignity and, at the same time, promote social development .

The values we want to promote

Democratic Technologies

  • Participation
  • Transparency
  • Dialogue
  • Equity
  • Competence


These values, which had guided us in the development of the Airesis open source platform , are the same ones that animate this blog today; we summarize them like this:

    • Participation
      Involving many people means having more energy, more points of view, more solutions.
    • Transparency
      Without transparency, the rules can be easily circumvented, it also means openness, the ability to welcome.
    • Dialogue
      With the right tools, working out ideas with multiple hands can be much more productive than doing it yourself.
    • Equity
      Equity means effective equality of opportunity and equal opportunity.
    • Competence
      The best ideas need to emerge clearly and spontaneously

Our mission

Democratic Technologies aims to encourage participation in collective decisions , through innovations and processes that guarantee greater democracy, synergy, consensus and effectiveness in achieving shared solutions .

We encourage the use of participation tools to foster collaboration between communities : large or small; We facilitate the transparent sharing of powers to allow each individual to be the "author" of his own individual life and that of the collective to which he belongs , whether near or far.

Tools of this type can be applied where it is necessary to make shared choices through Community Governance processes : from municipalities to companies , from associations to condominiums , from political parties to movements , but also in schools or groups of friends .

More generally, we aim to generate informed consent , and therefore collect everyone's skills , experiences , creativity and critical spirit during decision-making processes.

This is why we work on several fronts to:

  • Analyze the limits of current decision-making processes , to understand how to overcome them , also investigating new technologies and recent social trends.
  • Offer, review and adapt new technologies and processes that favor:
    • the participation and involvement of all stakeholders in the decision-making process , encouraging the spirit of community.
    • transparent and in-depth information for an informed choice and the use, where possible, of the scientific method.
    • the involvement of appropriate skills for collaboration on collective projects and proposals.
    • accessibility to the decision-making process and equal opportunities for the actors involved to see their point of view accepted.
    • the efficiency of the decision-making system assessed on the basis of the time and resources used, but also the quality of the choices and the correspondence between the real effects of the choices and the expected / desired effects.
  • Reconstruct a picture of the state of the art of new technologies and tools for democracy , such as:
    • Electronic Voting
    • Social Networks
    • Fact checking
    • Cybersecurity
    • Collaborative proposals and petitions
    • E-Governance tools
    • Open Data
    • Gamification
    • Participatory budgets
    • Deliberative polls
    • Virtual assemblies
  • Identify the most suitable technologies and tools for each context , from the school assembly to the cooperative, from the neighborhood to the global dimension.
  • Address threats to social justice and emerging problems, identifying new solutions to prevent them.
  • Provide guidance and guidance to individuals, organizations and institutions of all kinds interested in experimenting and implementing participatory processes based on the consent method through the use of technological tools and innovative processes .

The Airesis project

Our association has endeavored to design methodologies of use aimed at collecting the multiplicity of contributions on collective proposals , among which to choose the one that the group will judge to be the most adequate with respect to the purposes to be pursued .

The Airesis project was born from this commitment with the aim of developing an open source tool capable of making the deliberations relating to proposals published online faster, shared and participated. It integrates the characteristics of a social network with those of a decision-making tool:

Features and functions of Airesis

  • Registration and integration with the most important identity providers
  • Management of groups, roles and permissions for members
  • Management of events and participants
  • Assisted proposal insertion
  • Quorum management for voting on proposals
  • Possibility of anonymous discussions
  • Creation of elections and voting with the Schulze method
  • Management of personal blogs

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